The Brewery Culture Days in Vilnius will bring together breweries of Lithuania with exceptional beer


Beer brewing traditions in Lithuania go all the way back to the 15th century. Only a handful of small, independent breweries, however, still preserve centuries-old production methods. They produce only about 1% of the beer produced in Lithuania today. Days of Brewing Culture at Paupio turgus will take place on October 15-16 and will offer the exclusive flavours and centuries-old stories of nine small breweries.

The roots of the brewing culture in Lithuania date back to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, when the Hanseatic League – the most important trading transit point in Lithuania – was established in Kaunas. The first professional brewers started practicing the trade, and by the 16th century, beer was already part of daily nutrition. Archaeological findings of the remnants of hypcaustic stoves for brewing show that beer was brewed both in towns and villages.

Once brewing spread across Lithuania, breweries were established in most cities and towns in the country. At the end of the 19th century, in the area of the Paupys residential district of Vilnius, Ilja E. Lipskis founded a brewery and distillery with a Swiss garden and restaurant. It remained popular for six decades. Visitors dined in the restaurant, enjoyed theatre, bowling, a fountain and concerts with performers visiting from as far away as Italy. It is symbolic that Paupio turgus will continue the traditions of dining and recreation. Lipskis’ Brewery operating at the market is a live tribute to the brewery established by Ilja Lipskis

The Association of Independent Small Brewers, together with Paupio turgus developed by Darnu Group and Lipskis’ Brewery, will bring together nine small, independent breweries. The purpose is to continue preserving and nurturing the history of Lithuanian brewing and also further communicate it to the residents and guests of Vilnius. They will share their experience and present 88 exclusive types of beer.

“Brewing has for centuries been an integral and important part of Lithuanian food culture. This obliges brewers today to protect the culture and enrich it with innovations to meet the needs of our time. And we are pleased to share this food culture and history with the residents and visitors of Vilnius,” Rūta Chadasevičiūtė, manager of Paupio turgus, said.

During the event, visitors will get acquainted with the brewer’s craft, products, and traditions of small breweries. Brewers will also present innovations and changes currently at play in the brewing culture in Lithuania.

The event will be open to visitors with Covid Pass on October 15th from 17.00 to 22.00, and on October 16th from 12.00 to 22.00.

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