Lithuanian designers and invite you to the season’s opening at Paupio turgus


The trendiest Lithuanian fashion designers are launching the new autumn season at Paupio turgus. The fashion event, taking place from 10 through 12 September, will feature 20 fashion, design, food, and product labels.

The event will include well-known designers like Kristina Kruopienytė, Renata Mikailionytė, Lina Andriukonis, Ernesta Statkutė, Terra Recognita by sculptor Saulius Vaitiekūnas, and Rudnė and Anchovy brands. New names include exclusive t-shirt makers, Huginn Muninn, linen leisure clothing designers Napping Bear, and others.

This season’s is special as it doesn’t just invite visitors to taste autumn produce at Paupio turgus. You can also participate in the First Time DJ’s Disco where designers Lina Andriukonė and Robertas Ulinskas (Copper/Field Hemp) will try their hand at the DJ controls. Elas Ramanauskas, food critic Urtė Mikelevičiūtė, photographer Santas Mankevičius, and communication specialist Inga Norkė will also give DJing their best shot.

Fashion in a conceptual space

“We want to foster the tradition of engaging with artists in Vilnius. Following the end of the lockdown, artists and their fans are looking for live interactions to exchange ideas and add valuable new pieces to their art collections,” said Erika Paulė, the organizer of the event and founder of

According to Erika, events started 7 years ago and materialised into a new form in 2020, with the opening of a permanent online e-commerce platform. “We select conceptual spaces for our fashion and design events. Communicating and learning about the creative process is vital, so the market space, where you can learn the latest news, have a drink, eat, and chat with friends you haven’t seen in a while, is just perfect for us.”

Erika has always had warm feelings for Paupys and its spaces. Many of her colleagues, artists and designers, come here looking for inspiration. The idea of bringing artists and their fans together came about sitting at Paupys Market. In her opinion, the bustle of the market creates a great synergy that accommodates everyone: designers, artists, creators, buyers, food manufacturers, friends, DJs, children, and even dogs.

“The market square is, first of all, a space for community meetings, which are essential for social life. On the other hand, “bread and circuses” isn’t enough for modern, educated people. They need art, beauty, and ambience. Paupys residential area loves all arts, and fashion and design are forms of applied art that can connect to everyone,” suggested Rūta Chadasevičiūtė, Manager of Paupys Market.

Rūta noticed that after the launch of Paupys Market, a certain decentralization took place. The crowds that used to congregate in the Old Town or the centre of Vilnius, moved to Paupys. “The most important thing is that this circulation of people continues, so we are inviting all residents and guests of Vilnius to Paupys Market,” declared Rūta.

A sustainable and trendy Vilnius

“I try to live in a sustainable way and support local brands. When I choose items or clothes, I always check whether the local supply satisfies my needs. I believe that we must support local businesses and art. In addition, when meeting the creator face-to-face, you don’t just purchase a piece of material, you purchase a story” Rūta explained.

Meanwhile, Erika believes our daily consumtion habits are due for changes. “There is still a huge difference between mass production of products from other continents and small-scale local production. Although local products are more expensive than mass manufactured products, which price is really more equitable? We always encourage both sustainable production and sustainable consumption. Conscious fashion is a modern trend,” Erika highlighted.

She believes residents of Vilnius are stylish, many could easily blend in on the streets of New York, Paris or London. “I keep noticing that people are not afraid to reveal their personality through their wardrobe; clothing is a strong means of self-expression. The choice of sustainable clothing is a statement,” Erika said. She notices residents of Vilnius are keen on making responsible purchases, they’re interested in design, and love to communicate with fashion designers at events.

The list of the Erika’s must-haves this autumn season is as follows: leggings, dark sweatshirt and an oversized raincoat. She also recommends quality jewellery and accessories. Clothing, accessories, jewellery, and other beautiful or delicious items will be available at the event. Look for accessories and jewellery by Ernesta Statkutė, Anchovy, Terra Recognita, Cockoo, erikahoc, Legend of Tears, Spalvotos Kojinės, RUTRUT ceramics, organic food from Copper/Field Hemp and Užupis Manufaktūra.

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