Wasabi Sushi

The restaurant imports products directly from Japan and promises that all the fish served here is as fresh as it gets. No reason to hide it – Wasabi Sushi will prepare your meal right in front of you.


The head chef moved here beckoned by love, and it shows. The feeling transferred to the cooking process, so all of the tools and equipment used by Wasabi Sushi must be the absolute best. By avoiding sauces, the restaurant allows the real taste of the fish and rice, prepared using a special technique, to radiate. We highly recommend trying fresh tuna sashimi. Keep in mind, it’s only on offer when the fresh tuna from the Indian Ocean reaches the restaurant’s kitchen.

Chef Aigars Čepuks of Wasabi Sushi, began his gastronomic journey in Copenhagen in 2006. Today, his restaurant chain has become one of the largest in Denmark, and Aigars is now a highly valued and respected chef.



+370 601 61 514

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