Peri peri

The story is simple, really. The ancient Peri-Peri chicken once had some Peper-peper peppers, also known as the “bird’s eye chilli” and so the legend was born. The bird sure likes to sunbathe on the grill. Almost as much as it enjoys Portuguese and African spices.

Which is exactly where Peri Peri gets their inspiration for all their chicken meals. Fun fact: Did you know that in Portugal and North Africa, chicken is served in least 30 different ways with more than 100 different garnishes?

“Our dishes are focused on traditional Portuguese and African dishes and the meals they’ve inspired. Of course, over the years, the menu has increasingly evolved for our customers, while not significantly deviating from its roots. I would highlight our maple bacon sauce, adding a subtle sweetness to our chicken, and lime juice that enriches the spicy flavour of our harissa marinate,” says chef Vitalijus.



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