A chewy frozen dessert composed of a rice shell, that hides authentic cream. Is mochi an ice cream, a soufflé, or just a unique dessert? Have a taste and decide for yourself.

With the help of modern food technology and Japanese tradition, Motiko produces a dessert famous not only for its fascinating taste, but also for being healthy, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, and most importantly, – granting the taster a one-off sensation.

Motiko offers as many as 15 different flavours of mochi desserts. 13 of them are suitable for vegans. The Truffle Cherry flavour is characterized by its richness. Sesame Mochi is special for the way the crumbly rice coating reveals the magic of the sesame seed seasoned cream within. For those whose sweet-tooth isn’t too sweet, we recommend the green tea infused taste of Matcha Mocha. And perhaps the all-time favourite is the legendary Mango flavor.

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