We are the first bubble tea provider in Lithuania. Bubble tea also known as pearl tea or boba was developed in Taiwan in the 1980s. For this reason, our products come specifically from Taiwan. Due to its climate and mountainous location, Taiwan has ideal conditions for growing tea. The tropical climate also allows it to grow various exotic fruits which are used to make concentrated juices for our drinks. We are delighted that we can cooperate with one of the premier suppliers of bubble tea ingredients in the world. We work closely with them, including regular internships for our staff to learn new things and allowing us to bring something new to our customers every season.

Our mission is to bring you the flavours of Taiwanese bubble tea and help everyone discover their own favourite taste. You will find over 50 different beverages on our menu – from teas to sorbet cocktails. Every customer can individually choose not only various combinations of extras, but also set their preferred sweetness and tea temperature. Friendly and helpful baristas will always advise and help you make your selection, because beverage quality and customer service are our priority.



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